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This blog will follow your child throughout their White Oak School career.   We are helping your child create an online digital time capsule.  Our goals for blogs this year are learning how to create a blog post and comment correctly/respectfully on someone else’s blog.   We hope you enjoy reading our blog post this year!! 

Thanksgiving projects


Yeah… The students have their Thanksgiving poems posted!!  We did two posts this time.  One poem uses our sense to describe Thanksgiving.  The other poem is an acrostic, spelling out Thankful or Gratitude.  The students recorded their acrostic  poems using the iPod’s and then I posted those to their blogs.  Check out their great poems.



Third Grade Writings


Welcome to the blog pages of 3rd grade students in White Oak, Texas.  We will be writing on varied subjects during the course of this year. Be sure to subscribe so that you will receive an email whenever our students publish their writings.